Frequently Asked Questions On Powers Of Attorney

Choosing who to trust with your decisions and welfare when you can no longer choose for yourself is a difficult decision. It requires giving up control. It requires having in faith in another. The Law Offices of James T. Marasco wants to provide you with all the information you will need according to Rhode Island law to make the right choice. Below are few answers to the questions we get most frequently about powers of attorney.

What Are Powers Of Attorney?

Power of attorney is a legal designation for an agent that can make decisions for a person, called the principal. When a person has power of attorney, their decisions on behalf of the principal are legally the decisions of the person. That means if you are unable to decide on what your treatment should be, your representative can.

Are A Living Will And Powers Of Attorney The Same Thing?

A living will is a form of advanced health care directive outlining how you should be cared for in the case you are incapacitated. It includes Do Not Resuscitate orders, as well as other direction for your care. A person with power of attorney can make these decisions without this document.

Is This Only For Medical Decisions?

No. Powers of attorney may also extend to financial decisions. This can be a completely different agent in this case. You have the option to designate one person to care for your health and another to care for your finances.

Can I Change My Powers Of Attorney Representative?

To a certain point, yes. However, if you become incapacitated it may be difficult to change your representative.

We Will Answer All Your Questions

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